2013 Colorado Front Range Flooding


The Flooding in September 2013 had a dramatic effect on our community's watersheds and fisheries. SVATU will remain diligent in its efforts to restore and sustain these damaged areas. Please stay tuned to this page for weekly updates about our efforts and how you can become involved.


Flood Recovery News  February 24th, 2014


Boulder County Creek Planning & Recovery Comprehensive Approach

Very good information about Boulder County's  Comprehensive Creek Planning Initiative (CCP). Please visit  the link below for more information.



Flood Recovery News  February 15th, 2014


News from the Big Thompson

This letter (pdf), from the Big Thompson Restoration Coalition, highlights a number of positive steps happening on the Big Thompson River, including upcoming exigency work for affected landowners, volunteer projects, river restoration master planning, and more. (download here)


Flood Recovery News  January 18th, 2014


Fish Passage Structures

Boulder County Open Space is leading an effort to discuss fish passage structures on the St. Vrain between Lyons and Longmont. As the effort progress look here for updates.

Boulder Count Flood Recovery

Boulder County maintains a website with flood related links and information. See www.bouldercounty.org/flood for additional details.

Long Term Flood Recovery Group

The Long-term Flood Recovery Group is a collaborative team of community leaders, local and state officials, representatives from affected communities, FEMA, non- profits and others who manage the Foothills Flood Relief Fund. This group will assess the greatest unmet needs of individuals in Boulder County and determine priorities for funding recovery efforts. The collaboration is designed to strategically align all available resources, including volunteers, material donations and alternative funding into a “one-stop shop” for residents. See www.bocofloodrecovery.org for me details.


Flood Recovery News - January 6th, 2014


Fish Passage Workshop - UPDATE

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), in partnership with many other state and federal agencies, is hosting a workshop on JANUARY 8, 2014 and tour on fish passage for irrigation infrastructure. The agenda for the meeting has come out and is attached below. See December 29, 2013 Update for RSVP contact information, location, and links to additional information.

Fish Passage Outreach Training (1/8/2014) Agenda Summary:

Day 1 (January 8, 2014) – Outreach Session (All times include questions):

1. Introduction (Matt Kondratieff) – 10:00 to 10:15

2. River Science 101 (Dave Rosgen) – 10:15 to 10:45

3. Fish needs and issues (Chris Myrick) – 10:45 to 11:15

4. Process for providing fish passage and stability (Ashley Ficke, Doug Laiho) – 11:15 to 12:00

 (Lunch – 12:00 to 1:00)

5.  Incentives for providing fish passage (Chris Sturm) – 1:00 to 1:45

6.  Case study on Boulder Creek (Doug Laiho and Don D'Amico) – 1:45 to 2:15

7. Panel Discussion (6 of the previous speakers, moderated by Steven Yochum) – 2:15 to 3:15

Day 2 (January 9, 2014) – Field Visit to Boulder Creek passage-friendly diversions



Flood Recovery News - December 29th, 2013


Fish Passage Workshop

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), in partnership with many other state and federal agencies, is hosting a workshop and tour on fish passage for irrigation infrastructure.


River Corridor Protection and Management Fact Sheet

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) recently completed a fact sheet on river protection and management. The fact sheet was developed for owners of property or infrastructure in the river corridor to communicate lessons learned and successful approaches to consider into their rebuilding plans. It is an interesting read for anyone interested and/or concerned with riparian systems.




Flood Recovery News - December 10th, 2013


Parks and Open Space to Host Public Meeting about Emergency Stream Rehabilitation Work along St. Vrain Creek Boulder County, Colo.

– Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department (BCPOS) will be hosting a public meeting on Thursday, Dec.12 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Parks and Open Space building (5201 St. Vrain Road, Longmont). The purpose of the meeting will be to inform residents about upcoming emergency work along St. Vrain Creek on county-owned land to mitigate impacts left by the September flood.

BCPOS has been working diligently since the September flood to assess damages along St. Vrain Creek on county-owned properties between U.S. 36 and Airport Road. As part of this assessment, the department has had to determine necessary short-term emergency fixes that will help reduce further risks during the next spring run-off event, while also considering potential long-term plans for the creek corridor on county property. In addition, BCPOS has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal, state, and local agencies to determine the appropriate measures and funding sources for this type of work.

Based on these assessments and consultations, BCPOS has identified three main breaches along St. Vrain Creek that are in need of emergency repairs. These emergency repairs will be covered under FEMA and will help keep the creek within its pre-flood channel during a typical spring run-off event, thus helping to protect public lands and infrastructure, as well as private interests along the creek corridor. In addition, because of the amount of sediment that was deposited within the creek channel during the flood event, measures will be taken to remove this material, as well as household debris and select woody debris, from the channel to restore to the extent possible the creek’s pre-flood conveyance.

The emergency work is expected to begin in late December 2013 and be completed by late February 2014.

For more information, visit www.BoulderCountyOpenSpace.org/stvrain or contact Ernst Strenge, BCPOS resource planner, at estrenge@bouldercounty.org or 303-678-6269.


Flood Recovery News - December 1st, 2013


Community meetings for flood affected residents of unincorporated Boulder County

As a part of flood recovery, Boulder County is launching a comprehensive planning  effort to address the post flood condition of creeks in the county.  The Boulder  County Comprehensive Creek Planning Initiative will engage residents in  unincorporated Boulder County who live in areas directly impacted by changes in the creek alignment or channel geometry caused by the flood.

The county is hosting a series of community meetings (see below) to share information about the planning initiative and how it relates to public infrastructure reconstruction, residential rebuilding, private access, and revised floodplain mapping of unincorporated areas of the county.  Residents of unincorporated Boulder County are encouraged to share their needs and concerns about creek impacts and learn about this planning effort.

  Seven sessions have been scheduled for the neighboring areas adjacent to creeks (see below) across the county that may share similar concerns and interests, however, residents may attend the meeting that works best with their schedule. Details (time, location) of each meetings are listed on the SVATU calendar page.  Also see the Times-Call from 12/1/2013 for an article on the effort.

 To register for one of the community meetings, residents may sign up online at, www.BoulderCountyFlood.org and click "Creek Planning Meetings" on the right, or call 303-441-3930.


The meeting dates for specific communities are as follows:

12/3 North St. Vrain & Little Thompson Communities (Longmont Dam Road,  Apple Valley to Lyons town limits, and Little Thompson along north county boundary)

12/4  South St. Vrain Community (Raymond / Riverside east on SH 7, to edge of  Lyons)

12/10  Upper Fourmile Community (From Gold Run / Fourmile Junction north through Summerville (Gold Run) and west through Wallstreet)

12/11  Lower Fourmile & Lower Boulder Canyon Communities (From south of  Gold Run/Fourmile intersection down to Boulder Canyon, and down  Boulder Canyon to city limits.)

12/12  Fourmile Canyon Creek and Twomile Canyon Creek Communities  (Wagonwheel, Lee Hill, Pinto, Bow Mountain, Pinebrook, Linden)

12/17  Upper Lefthand Community (Intersection of Olde Stage and Lefthand  Canyon Dr., west to Lickskillet Road and Jamestown town limits. Includes  all of James Creek and Rowena areas)

12/18  Lower Lefthand Community (From the intersection of Lefthand Canyon  and Geer Canyon, east to Diagonal Highway. Includes Crestview,  Streamcrest, Brigadoon, Oriole Estates, Nimbus Rd.)



Flood Recovery News - November 25th, 2013


The Boulder County Flood Restoration Coalition (BCFRC), has an upcoming meeting this Tuesday. Please see  the SVATU calendar for time and location.

St. Vrain Recovery and Restoration Team (R2T), a stream task force consisting of state, federal, and local agencies was created to assist and advise landowners, communities, and other interested parties on such topics as technical information, permitting, funding, and design.

Boulder County Flood Restoration Coalition draft mission statement (pdf)


The St. Vrain Recovery and Restoration Team (R2T) is a potential solution to help coordinate both the short-term recovery and the long-term restoration efforts throughout the entire St. Vrain corridor.

See the Straw Man for the St. Vrain Creek Recovery and Restoration Team for draft details of what organizations for the R2T, their charter, and organizational structure:

St. Vrain Recovery and Restoration Team (R2T) draft mission statement (pdf)


Our friend Ben Swigle, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fish Biologist, has completed many post flood fish surveys and written several enlightening articles regarding fish, habitat and flooding.

Fish talk: Fishing outlook remains positive after flooding

Fish talk: Life in river habitats will bounce back after flood

An encouraging letter from Ben about specific areas affected by the flood  recently surveyed by the CPW

Colorado Fishery Survey Summaries


Please stay tuned for more information.



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