SVATU provided volunteers to Wildlands Restoration Volunteers for the Replanting of the Peschel Wetlands project on October 10, 2015.  The flood from Sept 2013 on the St Vrain Creek breached several lakes and carved a new channel just east of the Boulder/Weld County line during the flood of 2013. During the next two years, WRV will be helping Longmont restore over a mile of the St Vrain River was scoured of all riparian vegetation.


On October 10, 40 volunteers (including folks from SVATU) organized by WLRV began restoration efforts by planting hundreds of willows and 3,000 wetland plugs around a pond adjacent to St Vrain Creek.  SVATU volunteers came back from the event with comments like;


“I thought it was a great experience. Extremely muddy, but fun.”

 “It was very well organized and well led. We worked in teams of 4-5, each with a team leader. The planting areas for each species were well marked out and technical advisors were checking to be sure things were done correctly and also offering lessons on the ecology and why we were doing it. They cooked a fantastic lunch, and everyone from WRV was very friendly.”

“I liked the organization, WRV; they are very experienced, and well organized...they are always looking for volunteers for all of the projects they are working on, and I find it difficult to say no to such a worthy cause.”


Pictures from the event can be found at here.

Look for future WLRV projects where you can put a shovel in the ground and make a difference.



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