Enabling Fish Passage


Meadows/South Ledge Diversion Structure Reconstruction Completed


In 2014 and 2015, our chapter worked collaboratively with the Meadow and South Ledge ditch companies, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Crane and Associates, US Fish and Wildlife, and Colorado Trout Unlimited to assemble funding for the reconstruction of two irrigation diversion structures following the damages sustained in the 2013 floods. US Fish and Wildlife provided $120,000 from their fish passage program, and an additional $170,000 was granted by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) from South Platte Basin Roundtable funds. Approximately $4,000 of chapter funds were granted to this project to support the grant application and demonstration project outreach.

Prior to complete destruction by the 2013 flood, the Meadow and South Ledge diversions were two separate barrier diversion structures located along Old St. Vrain Road immediately downstream of Hall Meadows on  South Saint Vrain Creek in Boulder County.


The goals of this project were to:



This project consolidated the two structures to a single diversion feeding two ditches. The new diversion is a natural rock structure that takes advantage of the river’s grade to create a low head diversion that allows a full decree of water while also maintaining water in the stream to the largest extent possible at the point of diversion. The design sought to improve operations and maintenance expenditures for the ditch operators, while constructing fish passage as economically and effectively as possible. Construction was finalized in May 2015.

The lessons learned in this project are being documented to finalize this demonstration project. Reports, permitting best practices, and other documentation are in the process of being compiled in a project website. We’ll update this to include links when they are available.

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